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Welcome to CPR Training Phoenix. We are an American Heart Association (AHA) certified training institution offering Blended Learning CPR Courses in Phoenix, AZ.

Our courses are designed to provide individuals with essential life-saving skills that can make a difference during emergencies like cardiac arrest when every second counts. We offer online courses and skills test sessions for students, nurses, EMTs, and other health care providers.

Our CPR courses are taught by experienced paramedics and firefighters who have real-life experience handling life-threatening emergencies. Upon completing our CPR training, you will receive official AHA certification, recognized nationwide by employers and healthcare institutions. Valid for 2 years, our CPR certification not only enhances your professional qualification but also helps you with the confidence needed to act decisively during emergencies.

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Our AHA Blended Learning Courses in Phoenix, AZ

BLS for Healthcare Providers

Our AHA-certified Blended Learning BLS course is for healthcare providers and non-healthcare professionals who may encounter medical emergencies, such as lifeguards, firefighters, police officers, teachers, and fitness instructors. It covers fundamental CPR techniques, including high-quality chest compressions, rescue breathing, airway management, and the proper use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

ACLS for Health Care Providers

Our ACLS course is for healthcare professionals, such as physicians, licensed nurses, and paramedics working in critical care settings. Our Blended learning ACLS training focuses on recognizing and managing cardiac arrest, stroke, and other cardiovascular emergencies using advanced algorithms. Healthcare providers should hold a current BLS certification to enroll in our ACLS Course.

PALS for Healthcare Providers

Our PALS Blended Learning course specializes in pediatric resuscitation techniques and emergency care for infants and children. Certified by the AHA, it is perfect for healthcare providers involved in pediatric care. The course covers high-quality child and infant CPR, AED use, early recognition of pediatric emergencies, and teamwork strategies for pediatric cardiac and respiratory emergencies.

What will you learn from CPR Training Phoenix?

Learning CPR through training provides valuable skills and knowledge that can be crucial in emergencies like cardiac arrest. Here are the key things you will learn from our CPR training in Phoenix:

  • How to recognize when someone is experiencing cardiac arrest,
  • How to start CPR immediately by performing chest compressions and rescue breaths,
  • Correct technique for delivering effective chest compressions,
  • How to give rescue breaths using the mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose technique,
  • How to use an AED to restart the heart’s normal rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest,
  • Team Coordination, Confidence, and Leadership.

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If you are interested in being prepared for emergencies like cardiac arrest, choking, and other life-threatening situations, you can enroll in CPR classes with CPR Training Phoenix. We are a trusted CPR training institution in the Phoenix Area. If you wish to create a safe space for your family member or community or help someone in dire need of your help, join us in becoming a certified CPR responder. Contact us today to request a quote or inquire about course schedules and enrollment options. Prepare, respond, and save lives with CPR Training Phoenix. Enroll now and be ready when it matters most!

CPR Training in Phoenix

Why Choose CPR Training Phoenix for AHA Blended Learning Courses?

Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking certification or a concerned individual looking to make a difference, CPR Training Phoenix will prepare you to intervene effectively during cardiac emergencies, choking incidents, and other critical scenarios. Here’s why you should choose us for CPR training in the Phoenix area:

  • AHA Certified Training Institution,
  • Highly trained healthcare professionals with extensive experience in emergency response and CPR instruction,
  • A comprehensive range of courses, including CPR, BLS, ACLS, and PALS,
  • Practical skills with hands-on practice and simulation scenarios,
  • Personalized Attention in small class settings,
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden fees,
  • Located in Phoenix with flexible course schedules to fit your busy lifestyle.


Areas We Serve In Phoenix, Arizona

  • Paradise Valley
  • Desert View
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • South Mountain
  • Camelback East
  • Fountain Hills
  • Mesa

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Our CPR classes in Phoenix are affordable. We offer BLS blended learning course at $95.

To enroll in our CPR training, click on the “Enroll” button, choose your preferred time and class, and then continue with the registration.

Anyone can take CPR classes. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a non-healthcare professional, CPR is a vital skill that can be learned and applied by anyone who wants to be prepared for emergencies.

You can complete the CPR training in just a few hours with CPR Training Phoenix and get certified the same day.

Once you acquire your CPR certification, it will last for 2 years. Then, you will have a month to renew your CPR certification.

CPR Training in Phoenix FAQs

About Us

CPR Training Phoenix is a top-rated CPR training institution in Phoenix, AZ. With years of experience providing top-quality CPR training, we are dedicated to preparing individuals and communities for cardiovascular emergencies in the Phoenix area and beyond. Our blended learning courses are taught by expert paramedics and firefighters. Following the AHA guidelines, we aim to provide our students with the practical knowledge and confidence needed to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies, choking incidents, and other critical situations. Whether you are a healthcare professional, teacher, parent, or concerned family member, join us in our mission to prepare, respond, and save lives through CPR Training in Phoenix.


American Heart Association HeartCode:

ONLINE COURSE: 30 mins – 3 hours
SKILL TEST: 20 mins – 1 hour
RECOMMENDED FOR: Professionals with Busy Schedules